Xodo 3.7 Released

Xodo has just been updated and it’s better than ever. This update adds the ability to open Word and PowerPoint files (among others), new advanced saving options and UI improvements.

What’s New:

– Open non-PDF documents! Supported files: docx, pptx, jpeg, png, cbz, and other image files
Maintain zoom level when turning pages
Encrypt PDFs (password protection)
Compress PDFs with smart optimization
– Search in file manager now includes results from subfolders
– Zooming is now possible while creating annotations
– UI enhancements and bug fixes

As usual please let us know what you’d like to see next on our feedback page, and thanks again for using Xodo.

2 thoughts on “Xodo 3.7 Released

  1. Very impressed with your web app. Simple and intuitive interface and it does everything I could ever want without features I would never use. Suggestion though. Please make it possible to integrate it with Microsoft OneDrive as well and not just Google Drive and Dropbox.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! You can add and vote for it at feedback.xodo.com as this helps us to prioritize future development work.

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