Full text search, grid view, and more: What’s new in Xodo 3.0

Available now on Google Play

We’re excited to announce a major update to our Android app. With Xodo 3.0, you can expect an even smoother, faster Xodo with new, highly anticipated features. See below for a full list of all the improvements included in this update:

New Features in Xodo 3.0 – Android Devices

  • Text search improved | Full document text search is now available. You also have access to a detailed list of your search results. Text search now highlights all occurrences of your search term, and you can freely navigate through the document with the search results still highlighted.
  • Insert blank pages | Insert blank pages into existing PDFs – perfect for taking extra notes!
  • Faster and smoother page navigation | Swipe through pages faster and even more smoothly than before.
  • More view modes | Enjoy continuous vertical scrolling with single page, two page, and cover page viewing modes.
  • Improved comment note interface | Add and edit comment notes with a new and improved text box.
  • Bookmarks saved in the document | Custom bookmarks are now saved in the document and are not lost when the document is edited with other applications.
  • New file browser | See thumbnail previews of your PDFs with Xodo’s new grid view. Easily access file details like the file date.
  • Dropbox integration updates | Xodo’s Dropbox integration now uses the official Dropbox chooser. Read more about our Dropbox updates here.
  • Xodo web app account synchronization | Xodo Connect on Android is now synced with Xodo web app accounts for easy access.
  • Italian and Polish translations | Xodo is now available in Italian and Polish, in addition to English and Chinese. (See below to see how you can get Xodo in your language!)
  • Numerous small UI improvements, enhancements, and bug fixes.

We’d especially like to thank users for contributing to our Italian and Polish translations and making it possible for more people to enjoy Xodo in their native language. Translation at Xodo is a user-driven process, so if you’d like to see Xodo in your language, you can make that happen here.

Don’t see the feature you wanted? Don’t worry! We still have many exciting updates planned for Xodo. If you have more suggestions for us, don’t hesitate to submit them to our UserVoice forum. You can also vote on suggestions from other users  – we prioritize features based on popular demand.

Let us know what you think of our latest release on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, and stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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2 thoughts on “Full text search, grid view, and more: What’s new in Xodo 3.0

  1. Insert blank pages is great feature! However, it is so well hidden that I would not found it if I hadn’t read this blog.

    The new search is not working for me – when I activate search, software keyboard does not pop up (Samsung Galaxy Note with latest XODO).

    The grid view and dropbox support are also superb.

    • Hi David, thank you for your feedback! Is there a way that insert blank pages could be more accessible to you? Please contact us via xodo.com/support about the issues you’ve experienced with the new search function – we’d love to fix this issue for you and any other affected users. Glad to hear that you’re otherwise enjoying Xodo 3.0!

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