How can YOU support Xodo?

Only YOU can help spread the word about Xodo.

Are you a fan of Xodo? Then you probably know that the Xodo team works tirelessly for our users. We respond to support requests as quickly as possible, add new features based on popular demand, and, of course, work on making Xodo the best PDF reader and editor out there. Not surprisingly, some common comments from users are to encourage us to accept donations, or even charge a small fee for the app!

We’ve had users ask us what the catch is – if we’re planning to introduce ads or take away features from the free version.

The truth is that there is no catch! Our goal with Xodo is to create the ultimate cross-platform PDF reading and editing experience for our users. We think that charging for the app, disabling features, or adding annoying ads would interfere with this goal. We’re focused on growing our app and our userbase.

The good news is that by licensing and customizing Xodo and related technologies to companies and other organizations, we’re able to keep Xodo a free, high-quality app that anyone can enjoy. Although we won’t ask for any donations or monetary support, we’d love it if you could support Xodo in one of these ways:

Some things are best kept a secret. Xodo isn't one of those things.
Some things are best kept a secret. Xodo isn’t one of those things.

Spread the word

Word of mouth is one of the most influential marketing tools out there. If you love Xodo, please tell your friends, your colleagues, your family – anyone! Maybe suggest Xodo as a collaboration tool for a group project at school, or tell a friend who likes to read on their tablet about Xodo’s capabilities. We like to think Xodo has something for everyone.

Spread the word online

Tell the world about Xodo!

  • Feel free to write a blog post about how Xodo helps you in your daily routine, what you love about Xodo, or how it compares to other PDF editors you’ve tried.
  • Post about us on relevant Internet forums, or mention us on social media. Don’t forget to tag and follow us – you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+LinkedIn, and YouTube.
  • And, of course, leave us a review on your app store of choice, whether it’s the Play Store, App Store, Windows Store, or Chrome Web Store.

Be active in the Xodo community

  • Help us by suggesting new features and voting on ideas on our UserVoice forum.
  • Join our beta program to try out new features before they’re released to a wider group of users.
  • If you’re bilingual, you can help by contributing to a translation of Xodo in another language and opening up the app to users all around the world.

Thank you for using Xodo, and for your interest in supporting us! Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

Xodo is the ultimate cross-platform PDF viewer and annotator.

Don’t have Xodo yet? Grab the app here: Android | Windows | iOS | Web

Xodo | Transforming how the world works with PDFs

One thought on “How can YOU support Xodo?

  1. I use this program for drawing and once I understand how it works it looks excellent for taking notes by hand. Perhaps it would work on your phone. I’ll keep ya posted how I do with it. Worked on it last night and liked it. It’s free. I checked out a drawing I was making, working on it’s ways to work; checked out delete and deleted my drawing. Live and learn – hope you are smiling, I am! I keep trying to learn new stuff every day – my mind gets so tired. Grin!

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