Introducing Xodo for Android, iOS and Windows RT

Xodo PDF Reader & Annotator - Getting Started

We are pleased to announce Xodo – the ultimate PDF reader application with all the features you need to provide you with a great experience when working with PDF!  Whether you’re browsing the web; reading an email, book or magazine; or reviewing contracts or schoolwork, you can now use Xodo to access PDF files on your iPhone/iPad or on your Android or Windows tablets – for free, of course!

Xodo is much more than a PDF reader – it provides you with ability to mark-up the documents with highlights, sticky notes and comments, fill out forms, share documents with your friends and colleagues, and organize all your files. It even allows you to sync with Dropbox for convenient file access.

There are many other cool features, and more are on the way!

We hope you enjoy the new app, and we look forward to your feedback as you check it out. Interested in any specific new features? Let us know!

Check out the Getting Started guide to learn more about Xodo:

Getting Started Guide for iOS

Getting Started Guide for Android

Getting Started Guide for Windows 8

Xodo is the ultimate cross-platform PDF viewer and annotator.

Don’t have Xodo yet? Grab the app here: Android | Windows | iOS | Web

Xodo | Transforming how the world works with PDFs

4 thoughts on “Introducing Xodo for Android, iOS and Windows RT

  1. I m very impressed by xodo reader . I use this app on my daily basis. I found one simple bug in this application and i also find out this bug in application reviews(google play store) that annotations applied by another pdf reader are display in annotation list of xodo reader but when we switch to that page, annotation is not showing on the particular page.Please fix this bug . It is the only bug in this great application. It will improve the application rating.

    • Hi Khinchi, we’re happy to hear you like Xodo and are finding it useful! Thanks for letting us know about that bug – we’ll look into it.

  2. So when I flip a pdf (because dpn’t know how to scan things upright) and I try to write comments, they come up upsidedown. Please fix!

    Also, you used to be able to set the continuous view as default. Now I can’t find the spot where you set that and I have to press the button with every single file I open. As a teacher, I open a LOT of files. Please fix!!

    • Hi Nieves, sorry for the late response – please contact us at if you still require assistance and our team will be more than happy to help. Thank you for using Xodo!

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