Xodo 4.8.0 for Android Released

What’s New:

– Adds pressure sensitive inking for signature
– Adds support for create/edit group annotations
– Style editor is now available for text form field created in Xodo, supported style properties are: text color, text size, and font
– Adds ability to create radio buttons
– Various UX improvements
– Stability improvements to document viewer

Xodo 3.1.1 for iOS Released

What’s New:

– Xodo can now open Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), image files, markdown, and many other file formats.
– Text search now displays a list of all search results found in a document.
– Fixes an issue where sharing a PDF to Xodo could sometimes cause a crash
As usual please let us know what you’d like to see next on our feedback page, and thanks again for using Xodo.

Xodo 4.7.0 for Android Released

What’s New:

– Major architectural change for All Documents tab, we would love to hear what you think!
– Adds ability to add/modify page labels
– Adds ability to view separate OCG layers
– Adds new supported format: TIF/TIFF
– Fixed issue where folder picker is not responsive on some devices
– Fixed reflow view gets cut off on notch devices
As usual please let us know what you’d like to see next on our feedback page, and thanks again for using Xodo.

Xodo 4.6.0 for Android Released

What’s New:

– Adds support to open documents from the Android system picker
– Fixes duplicated items in the All Documents file list
– Fixes issue where text box shifts when selecting it
– Fixes issue where closed tab will reopen when switching into night mode
– Fixes issue where non-PDF files gets duplicated when opening from remote source
– Bug fixes and UI improvements
As usual please let us know what you’d like to see next on our feedback page, and thanks again for using Xodo.

Xodo 4.5.26 for Android Released

What’s New:

– Create custom stamps with any text, color, date, and time
– Quickly measure the distance between two points on any document
– Comment on a specific part of a page with a new callout annotation
– Attach another file to a document with a new file attachment annotation
– Comment on a document through voice with a new sound annotation
– Pasting an image from System clipboard through Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut
As usual please let us know what you’d like to see next on our feedback page, and thanks again for using Xodo.

Xodo 3.7 Released

Xodo has just been updated and it’s better than ever. This update adds the ability to open Word and PowerPoint files (among others), new advanced saving options and UI improvements.

What’s New:

– Open non-PDF documents! Supported files: docx, pptx, jpeg, png, cbz, and other image files
Maintain zoom level when turning pages
Encrypt PDFs (password protection)
Compress PDFs with smart optimization
– Search in file manager now includes results from subfolders
– Zooming is now possible while creating annotations
– UI enhancements and bug fixes

As usual please let us know what you’d like to see next on our feedback page, and thanks again for using Xodo.

Xodo 3.5!

We are thrilled to announce Xodo 3.5 for Android is now available on the Play Store. This update includes a number of highly requested features. We hope you enjoy it!

What’s New:

Text Reflow mode for convenient reading
– Support for right to left reading languages
Select different fonts for text annotations
– Open and save documents to OneDrive
Extract pages in thumbnails viewer
Merge images and other PDFs to existing PDFs
Stamp images onto existing pages
– UI improvements, enhancements and bug fixes

Happy New Year!

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As the new year begins, our thoughts turn gratefully to all Xodo users who have made our progress possible through your continuous support. We appreciate all feedback we received about how we can make Xodo the best it can be and can’t wait to hear more!

We thank all our users who have come to love and depend on Xodo in their everyday lives as well as corporations and non-profit organizations who have adopted Xodo to make their work run smoother and easier.

With lots more in the works for Xodo this year, we’re pumped for what’s ahead. So to everyone who’ve made last year such a great ride, thank you again, happy new year, and get ready for a whole lot more in 2016!

From all of us at Xodo!

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Back to school: Be more productive with Xodo!


Like it or not, summer’s starting to wind down, and that means one thing for many of us: back to school! Whether you’re looking forward to school or dreading it, you can be more productive this year by using Xodo both inside and outside the classroom. Check out how you can make school stress-free (or to be more realistic, less stressful) with Xodo:

Take notes on lecture slides without printing

On many campuses, students scribbling notes onto printed lecture slides is a common sight. But instead of wasting time and paper, why not just open your slides as PDFs in Xodo? You can swipe through the slides as the lecture goes on, adding notes and highlighting points on the way.

Solve problems and draw diagrams on blank PDFs

Solving a complex differential equation or drawing structural formulas often takes more than one try to get right, resulting in piles of wasted paper. Instead, you can create a blank PDF in Xodo to be your notepad and use the Ink tool to draw or write with your finger or stylus.

With Xodo, you don’t have to be afraid to make mistakes, since you can erase parts of your work with the Eraser tool. Try out Xodo’s range of colors and opacities to make things look the way you want – and if you need to print out your work, you can do that from Xodo.

Leave feedback – for yourself and others

Want to write better essays? It’s important to write well, but it’s equally important to edit well. Remember to edit your work a day or two after writing to ensure that you’re looking at it with fresh eyes. Xodo allows you to circle mistakes, leave suggestions in the margin, and strikeout unnecessary sentences.

If a friend asks you to proofread their work at the last minute, you can open it as a PDF in Xodo, edit, and share via email or whatever medium you want. As long as your friend views your PDF in a standard PDF viewer like Xodo or Acrobat, they’ll see all your annotations and edits.

Keep all your reading in one place

Writing a research paper often means poring over a ton of articles to find ones relevant to your thesis. You can keep your articles in one place by adding them to your bookshelf in the Xodo web app. That way, you can also access them on the go from the Xodo Android app. Annotations are synced across the two apps, so you can pick up right where you left off.

Find the passage you were looking for

If you’ve ever written a research paper, you’ve probably encountered this problem: recalling the perfect quote to prove your point, but not being able to remember where you read it. With Xodo’s new and improved search function, it’s much easier to pinpoint the passage you’re looking for. You can quickly scroll through a list of search results, complete with section headings, page numbers, and surrounding text, to find what you need.

Save ideas from brainstorming sessions

Group projects are the bane of every student’s existence, but they can be a little less painful with Xodo. Brainstorming ideas on a whiteboard is a common way to generate ideas from a group, since having everyone huddled around one notebook or tablet isn’t efficient. At the end of the meeting, take a photo of the whiteboard in Xodo. You can share it with your group members so everyone has access to the ideas you came up with together.

Work together without getting together

Once you’ve completed your portion of a group project, you can use Xodo to share it with your group members. Invite them using their email addresses and they can view your work from their browser and leave you in-context feedback. Now you can get useful feedback without the hassle of coordinating in-person meetings.

Put it all together

Once you have everything you need for your assignment, you can put it all together in the Xodo web app by merging PDFs. Inserting diagrams, supporting articles, and resources is a breeze. Once you’re done, download the merged PDF to your computer to send it to your instructor.

We know that going back to school isn’t something everyone looks forward to, but we hope that these tips will help you out this coming school year. Let us know if there’s any other ways you use Xodo for academic success!

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Full text search, grid view, and more: What’s new in Xodo 3.0

Available now on Google Play

We’re excited to announce a major update to our Android app. With Xodo 3.0, you can expect an even smoother, faster Xodo with new, highly anticipated features. See below for a full list of all the improvements included in this update:

New Features in Xodo 3.0 – Android Devices

  • Text search improved | Full document text search is now available. You also have access to a detailed list of your search results. Text search now highlights all occurrences of your search term, and you can freely navigate through the document with the search results still highlighted.
  • Insert blank pages | Insert blank pages into existing PDFs – perfect for taking extra notes!
  • Faster and smoother page navigation | Swipe through pages faster and even more smoothly than before.
  • More view modes | Enjoy continuous vertical scrolling with single page, two page, and cover page viewing modes.
  • Improved comment note interface | Add and edit comment notes with a new and improved text box.
  • Bookmarks saved in the document | Custom bookmarks are now saved in the document and are not lost when the document is edited with other applications.
  • New file browser | See thumbnail previews of your PDFs with Xodo’s new grid view. Easily access file details like the file date.
  • Dropbox integration updates | Xodo’s Dropbox integration now uses the official Dropbox chooser. Read more about our Dropbox updates here.
  • Xodo web app account synchronization | Xodo Connect on Android is now synced with Xodo web app accounts for easy access.
  • Italian and Polish translations | Xodo is now available in Italian and Polish, in addition to English and Chinese. (See below to see how you can get Xodo in your language!)
  • Numerous small UI improvements, enhancements, and bug fixes.

We’d especially like to thank users for contributing to our Italian and Polish translations and making it possible for more people to enjoy Xodo in their native language. Translation at Xodo is a user-driven process, so if you’d like to see Xodo in your language, you can make that happen here.

Don’t see the feature you wanted? Don’t worry! We still have many exciting updates planned for Xodo. If you have more suggestions for us, don’t hesitate to submit them to our UserVoice forum. You can also vote on suggestions from other users  – we prioritize features based on popular demand.

Let us know what you think of our latest release on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, and stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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Xodo is the ultimate cross-platform PDF viewer and annotator.

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